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Vaginal Prosthesis? Can it be done?

They make prosthesis for every part of the body. Limbs, breasts, penis (yes they do), and so on. So why hasn't anyone come up with a prosthestic vagina? I believe it can be done. If it is only inserted "when needed". LOL. Trust and believe I am gonna bring this up to my dr. next visit on January 7th. I only think of this as I fumbled thru intimacy earlier this week. Sorry if TMI. And the odd sensation it created without having a vaginal cuff or the uterus or cervix there which gets the pushing from the act. I've also heard of cervical caps and considering purchasing one or getting script if that is how it is done. What can it hurt? If it works great. Although I am in no pain when being intimate, the sensation takes some getting used to. My dr. was amazed that I even made an attempt to try this. Just a random thought crossing my mind today. I'm sure it can be done and maybe nobody has ever thought of it. I know most doctors thing that perhaps we are so down and never consider having sex again because of self image issues. Maybe this would eliminate a majority of that concern for us. Talk to ya later. I'm about to go out into the world wide web and research more on cervical caps.
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Julie YOU ROCK GIRL!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! you are right they have prosthesis for everything else so why not!!! Sunshine and Smiles Val
Julie, You are the woman!! Perhaps you will be the person to design this....A silver lining through the clouds you are!! How about trying to hook up with a pharmecutical company? I live near Warsaw Indiana. There are lots of companies down there that make all sorts of body parts. Zimmer comes to mind for sure. Johnson and Johnson is down there as well. Positive energy equates with positive results!! You go girl!! Wishing you a bright and happy holiday season!! Bo1516
Julie, You are some kind of warrior, girl. I love your attitude and I love your spirit. Keep up the fight and fight for that vagina!!! Be well. Jill
They have tried to reconstruct mine from my abdominal muscled the 1st time, but it failed due to those muscles being in the line of fire from my rad treatments. The 2nd time (this is when they found the cancer again) was going to be from my inner thighs. But they can't reconstruct due to the scar tissue they found with cancer cells in it. Wouldn't be good to cover up the cancer with the new tissue and reconstructed vagina, it would hide any visual they need to observe the area and how it is responding to the treatment. But once the cancer is taken care of, they can go back and do the reconstruction. In the meantime, I'd like some other type of "device". LOL The way they do the vagina is the way they would do it for a person getting a sex change. I think also they may take the penis and just kinda "reverse" it making it into a hallow tube. I think I'm explaining it the way the plastic surgeon did.
When I read about pelvic exeneration, I thought I saw something about them being able to create a new vagina and bladder...Have you found any more info?
They did create a new bladder for me, which is a urostomy is how I do output. The first vaginal reconstruction did not take, they could not do the second attempt at reconstructing from my thighs because they found more cancer. So, they could not make a tramflap covering up the area with cancer, they would not be able to monitor how it is responding to the chemo.
Dear Julie; I never thought I would be reading about someone who needs a vagina. Hell what the heck for? Unless you have a guy around we really don't need one right? I just can't imagine the surgery that has been done on you already. It makes us look so small in comparison. This is a very personal thing that you want done and I believe once the cancer is under control, or eradicated they can easliy comply with your wishes. I hope the guy is worth it! You put new meaning to survivor Julie. I could only wish to be as strong as you. Thanks for the reality check.
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Cisplatin, 1x weekly for 5 weeks. Experienced fatigue and severe nauseaness. Alot of aches and pains Starting more chemo On 12/9/09. This time it will be Topotecan for 6 rounds. Told I will go bald and I am not upset at all by this news. Bring it on.



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